Professional wedding photographers need to be able to capture movement in low light


The most challenging part of a wedding day for me as a professional wedding photographer is when the obligatory cheesy disco begins. The combination of it being very dark and the strobing of disco lights makes it very difficult to measure the light and create good, well exposed images. A further challenge is that photos of people dancing mostly don’t look great. Even if they’re great dancers, if you capture their motion at the wrong split second they just look like their having some awful convulsion.

How I over come these problems is by changing my camera meter settings to manual (so that regardless of strobing I’m creating a consistent exposure every time) and then I get close to the action (i.e. in the middle of the dance floor) and I shoot in burst mode. I’m not normally someone who shoots a lot of exposures. I tend to think that a good experienced professional wedding photographer should shoot less and think more about the image they want and wait for the right moment. But during the dancing frenzy, i change my strategy. I shoot hundreds of images in the space of an hour to make sure I can capture the right moments, like the one above.

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